8 Pickleball accessories to elevate your game.

8 Pickleball accessories to elevate your game.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Pickler or trying on the fun name for the first time, these 8 pickleball accessories will increase your performance on the court and elevate your overall pickleball experience.

PickleBall Accessories

From head to toe, this list of accessories highlights fun stuff to protect your paddle, carry your gear, optimize your clothing, and cushion your feet so you can focus on playing.

1.Visors and Hats

Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, a visor or hat can make a big difference in your comfort. Not only does it shade your face from the sun, but it also keeps the sweat from dripping in your eyes. This hat available on Amazon offers ventilation, moisture wicking fabric, and a dark visor to reduce glare. Every player has their own preferences when it comes to hats, but whatever style you choose, the benefits of accessorizing your head are numerous.

White pickleball hat found on Amazon


If you’re playing pickleball outdoors, sunglasses are a must. When your side of the court is spotlighted with sun rays, a good pair of sunglasses will ensure you can still see the ball. If you aren’t sure what style you prefer, a good place to start is with polarized glasses specifically designed for sport. These types of glasses are made to stay on your face even when you’re sweating or moving around, and you won’t have to worry about them shattering should they fall off. These glasses are a great option to start with. They offer interchangeable lenses, including a clear pair for eye protection even if you are playing indoors or in low light.

Sporty pickleball glasses


Pickleball by nature is kinder on the hands and wrists than other racket sports, but the right gloves can increase your comfort and improve your grip. There are many different glove options including those that leave the fingers free at the knuckles and those that cover the entire hand.

Some have been created specifically for pickleball while others are used for pickleball but were originally designed for golf or racquetball. Franklin is a tried and true band when it comes to sport gloves and they sell single gloves for Pickleball. Available at a slightly lower price point, Wilson’s Clutch Racquetball Glove is also a great option for Pickleball. 

4.Paddle Grips

In addition to gloves, pickleball paddle grips are another accessory option when it comes to improving your grip. There are two categories of paddle grips, those that are designed to replace the existing grip and those that are designed to be wrapped around the existing grip, called overgrips.

Image of five different pickleball grips

5.Paddle Covers and Bags

The most essential piece of pickleball gear is your paddle, which makes paddle covers and bags the most essential accessory. Pickleball paddle covers protect your paddle from damage in case of falls or bumps in-between games. A bag is a great accessory to keep track of more than one paddle and all of the other accessories you like to have with you to play. Some bags come with a special pocket for paddles which protects them from the other accessories in your bag which could damage them otherwise.

6.Ball Holders

What if your favorite pair of pickleball shorts don’t have pockets? Not to worry! A ball holder will be the accessory for you. When you search for ball holders, you will find a lot of variations and options for holding balls during play. There are elastic band-type holders that fit snugly around the waist and stretch to hold balls while you play. Another option is a pouch attached to a strap that buckles around the waist. Some of these pouches can hold upwards of 8 balls.

7.Socks and shoes

Socks and shoes might not seem like pickleball accessories since they are essential, but selecting the best options for the court can make a big difference in your comfort.

Racket sports require different footwear than running or turf sports. You will want to search for shoes that are designed to support side-to-side as well as forward and backward movement and are cushioned appropriately for a court. Running or walking shoes protect your feet from repetitive strikes in one plane but don’t provide the right sort of support your feet need to expand and shift as you move around the court during a pickleball game.

Socks are made of all sorts of material these days and can provide everything from moisture control to compression to cushion. If you purchase socks that meet your specific needs, you can avoid blisters, hot spots, and other injuries and discomfort, making your time on the court much more enjoyable.

8.Splurge-Worthy Convenience- Pickleball Caddy

Now that you are decked out with pickleball accessories from head to toe, it’s time to add some convenience to your quiver of gear. A Pickleball caddy is a tool for collecting balls from the court and it will take your court clean-up to the next level. Save your back and time with these handy tools that allow you to gather balls quickly and easily after practice drills and clinics.

Two different ball collectors found on Amazon

There are lots of different pickleball accessories out there and many variations of each available. If you’re interested in taking your game and overall playing experience to the next level it’s worth adding some or all of them to your collection of gear.

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