13 Affordable Pickleball Gifts For the Pickleball Lover

13 Affordable Pickleball Gifts For the Pickleball Lover

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Pickleball is a really enjoyable game that is becoming increasingly popular. Part of the reason that pickleball is such a big hit is that it is so easy to set up a court and play. Another great reason that people are switching from tennis to pickleball is that this is a game that is much easier on your joints and your body as a whole.

If you love pickleball or you have a pickleball player in your life that needs some new gear, there are many great options out there to choose from. You can pick from gear, clothing, training items, and more! Picking out gear for your loved one or friend is really easy when you use this pickleball buying guide!

If you are ready to start looking for the right affordable pickleball gifts, you need to read on!


Affordable Pickleball Gifts You Have To Try For Yourself

1.      SLK by Selkirk Paddles

SLK by Selkirk Paddles

Everyone who loves pickleball needs a great pickleball paddle. These are really nice pickleball paddles that are made of quality materials like fiberglass and graphite. This is a lightweight paddle that will provide excellent accuracy and help you to get great control of your shots. There are two paddles in this set and you will love that you can use them for almost any style of play because they are so versatile.

The grip on the handles of these paddles is comfortable and secure and the circumference is perfect for a comfortable grip. If you have been wanting to get a new paddle or you have been looking into gifting one, this is a really great choice for your needs. Pickleball Paddles are critical to good performance when you are playing for practice or in competition, which means this is always a great pickleball gift option.


2.      Sucipi Pickleball Bag

Sucipi Pickleball Bag

This is a great choice for access to a versatile pickleball bag that delivers comfortable carrying with reversible shoulder straps. There are many zippered pockets in great locations to carry all of your gear, and you will have enough space in this pickleball bag to fit a couple of rackets and your balls, and other training items. Pickleball courts are often outside and do not always have access to any kind of clubhouse or locker rooms. Having the right bag can make the process of getting set up to play really easy and simple.

There is also a large pocket that can accommodate something like a laptop. The hidden anti-theft pocket is a really nice benefit as well, and you will have the option to use some other internal pockets for your storage needs. You can actually carry a tennis racket in this bag as well, which makes this a nice crossover item for those who play both games.


3.      LASHION Polarized Sports Sunglasses

LASHION Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Playing outdoor games requires that you have access to pickleball sunglasses that will make it easy to keep track of the ball. These are lightweight polarized glasses that will help you to see clearly and that wrap around your head for a secure fit. These glasses come in a few different colors and can fit both men and women with ease.

If you have struggled to find sports sunglasses that will stay on when you are busy being active, these glasses will take care of your needs with ease. The comfortable arms will not pinch your ears, and the glasses will stay on even when you are running and jumping. Being able to see even when it's sunny out can make your outdoor play hours much more enjoyable and pleasant overall, and these items make a great gift for this reason.


4.      Pickleball T-Shirt

Life is Good  Pickleball T-Shirt

This clever and attractive shirt comes in many sizes, is great for pickleball lovers, and it is soft and comfortable to wear while you are playing your next game. This is a really simple and fun gift that will say it all with ease, or you can give yourself a new shirt with a clever saying on it.

The pickleball clothing material of this shirt is lightweight, comfortable, and soft on the skin. It is also made to last with quality stitching and secure closures for the hems at sleeves, the hem, and the neck. This shirt comes in a bunch of colors as well, and the sizing is quite accurate for men, women, and for youth.


5.      GSE Indoor Training Balls

These quality training items come in many colors, and they are made with the standard hollow design. Each ball is 9 inches in circumference and 2.75 in diameter. You can trust these items to hold up to indoor and outdoor play, and they will let you practice for hours with ease.

Having a pack of practice balls is always a good idea when it comes to pickleball equipment, and you will be glad that you have chosen this brand for your gift idea. These are well-made and easy-to-use items that hold up to lots of hours of play with ease.


6.       Pickleball: Tips, Lessons, Strategies, & Myths: From a Certified Pickleball Professional & U.S. Open Gold Medal Winner 

GSE pickleball training

This paperback offers you or your loved one access to all the training tips and tricks that an expert can offer you. You will love that there are advice sections just for those transitioning from tennis to pickleball, and there are great sections about the kinds of lessons that deliver big results. You can get access to warm-up tips and drills in this book, as well as training plans and more.

This is a really perfect gift for someone who is just starting out in their pickleball journey, but there are also sections that are highly relevant for experienced players looking to level up.


7.      Helium Pickleball Paddle

Helium pickleball paddle and bag

Kids can play pickleball too! This paddle is the perfect size for small hands, and the weight is ideal for little players to be able to hit accurately and smoothly. This paddle weighs about 6 oz, and the included gear carrying bag is also kid-sized. This is a fun gift for the kids in your life who love to play pickleball, and the fun design on the paddle will delight them.

This is a well-made paddle that will deliver big results for the kids who play pickleball in your family or circle of friends.


8.      Pickle Baller Wine Tumbler

Dink pickle ball wine tumbler

This is a dual-purpose wine tumbler that will afford you the chance to enjoy your favorite beverage and also make a silly statement. For people who love pickleball, this might be one of their new favorite gifts. This is a well-made tumbler that is BPA-free and that comes with a quality snap-on lid.

This tumbler holds 12 ounces and will keep your drinks hot or cold with ease. You can use this item for camping, travel, or enjoying drinks near the pool. This is a really fun and silly gift that everyone will enjoy getting.


9.      Pickleball Crazy Socks

Pickleball crazy socks

If you want to give that special someone in your family or circle of friends a pickleball gift that will make them chuckle, this is a great choice. This set of socks is absolutely silly and comment-worthy, and you will also get the benefit of a quality, lightweight, and comfortable feel when you wear them. These socks are made to be moisture-wicking, and they are sold at a great price.

If you love gag gifts and you think that a pickleball-inspired option is the right choice, this is a good purchase! This is a fun pair of socks that will offer everyone a few giggles when they are unwrapped.


10.  AMA Pickleball Net

It's hard to practice playing pickleball in some locations if you do not have a portable net in your for one of your pickleball accessories. This is a really high-quality net that is easy to carry and that comes with everything that you need to set up a court on the go. You will enjoy easy assembly with this product, and you can set the height to regulation settings easily.


11.  Pickleball Retriever

Pickleball retriever

This is a fun little add-on that makes picking up your pickleball really easy. Simply fit this item onto the end of your paddle and you can pick up balls without bending over! This is a much more beneficial gift than you might think and saving people time when they are retrieving equipment can be a big help to every game.


12.  JUFOPL Cap

Jufopl Cap

A good hat is always a big help when it is sunny and bright out and your pickleball-loving friends and family will get a kick out of this one. You can keep your head cool with this well-made and durable cap or you can gift this item to make someone in your life smile. There is no shortage of reasons to get a fun pickleball hat or to give it to someone that you care about.


13.  Pickleball Ball Holder

Ball holder

Having access to another ball when you are playing can be really easy with this handy tool. No one wants to have to hunt down that ball that went wild until after the game is over and this fanny-pack style pickleball carrier lets you keep track of your gear with ease. You can hold 6-8 balls in this pouch comfortably and play without interruption.

Getting the Right Pickleball Gifts Can be Easy

If you use this guide, you will be able to shop with ease for pickleball gifts for everyone in your life. You can also shop for yourself if you want to upgrade your own pickleball gear and items. Planning the right pickleball gift doesn't have to be tough, and you will be able to use this list of items to make the right impression every time you have a gift to give out.

Pickleball is a really fun game that is very popular, and there are probably many people in your life that play all the time. Finding out that you need to give a pickleball gift doesn't have to cause panic! Just use this guide to help you to get the best gifts around for your friends and family!

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