5 Best beginners pickleball paddles

5 Best beginners pickleball paddles

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The Right Equipment Means Everything

When playing sports, the type of equipment you use makes a huge difference in your performance. A deflated ball or pair of shoes that cause you to slide around can be the deciding factor in the outcome of the game. 

The same is true when playing the fastest growing sport in the U.S—pickleball. One of the only pieces of equipment you need to play with is a paddle. Having the right paddle is key to hitting the ball with more power or spin. Depending on what kind of player you are will also determine what characteristics you should look for in your paddle. Players with experience in a similar sport like tennis will require a different kind of paddle than a beginner. 

1. The Best Pickleball paddle for Power

Pickleball paddles specifically designed to increase your force will weigh more than the average paddle. The sweet spot on these paddles is smaller, more dynamic, and uses a heavier force to increase the power behind each shot.

Here is the best option:

Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle

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What we love about the paddletek tempest wave

  • Powerful Ball Control

The paddle features a textured, graphite paddle surface that makes controlling the ball and delivering powerful shots easily uses. This is the beauty of a graphite pickleball paddle. 

  • Large Sweet Spot

A large sweet spot is convenient for consistently hitting powerful shots. This takes the guesswork out of hitting the ball and gives you more confidence in your shots.

  • Comfortable Grip 

The feel of the paddle is also important, especially for players wanting more powerful shots. The handle has an ultra cushion enhanced performance grip. 

2. The Best Pickleball Paddle for Spin

If you have a bit more experience playing pickleball and want to level up your skills, consider adding spin to your shots. As your opponent gets more experience, it becomes easier to combat a spin hit. However, the right paddle will give you the confidence to carry it out when you need it.

ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

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What we love about the ProLite Rebel Powerspin

  • Texture Surface

The way the ball hits the paddle plays a large part in what direction the ball goes after it makes contact. The textured surface of the paddle gives it uneven points to hit off of making the ball spin off the paddle. The lightweight paddle also makes it easy to control the movement of the paddle and adjust the spin of your shots.

  • Extended Grip

The extra-long handle of the paddle is perfect for spin shots and ball control. If a paddle is sliding around or hard to hold on to, your game will suffer. This paddle will not only improve your grip but brings more overall control to the ball.

3. The Best Pickleball paddle for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere when they’re trying something new. Whether you're jumping in to help out a friend who needs a partner or want to pick it up as a hobby, you’ll need a paddle for playing pickleball as a beginner. A beginner pickleball paddle is less about power and spin and more about ball control and a versatile paddle able to accommodate new players.

Here is the best option:

Amazin Ace’s Graphite Classic Pickleball

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What we love about the Amazon Aces Classic

  • Large Sweet spot

The sweet spot on a racket or paddle is the most ideal place to hit the ball. As a beginner, you want a pickleball paddle with more forgiveness as it is more difficult to hit the sweet spot every time. This paddle is very beginner-friendly and features a large sweet spot.

  • Optimized Weight Distribution

The weight of the paddle can hinder a player’s performance. This paddle is designed to be an ideal weight (small and medium weight paddle) that any player can easily maneuver. 

  • Materials & Grip

A comfortable grip designed for beginners who want control and consistency. The paddle features a polymer core paired with a graphite face. This is the configuration most pros use & for good reason. 

4. The Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Players

If you’re a seasoned tennis player, you have a huge advantage when playing pickleball. However, you’ll still want a paddle that will not only use your tennis skills to your advantage but give you pickleball coordination as well. If you’re wanting to practice trick spins you should strongly consider a composite paddle. Overall, the length of the paddle and weight of the handle is important when transitioning into pickleball. 

Here is the best option:

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

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What we love about the selkirk amped:

  • Weight

Tennis Rackets are heavier than pickleball paddles and switching to a much lighter paddle can cause tennis elbow. The heavier paddle is ideal for tennis players who are used to doing less to generate power.

  • Handle Length

Tennis rackets are generally longer than pickleball paddles. Tennis players are going to be used to swinging with two hands and gripping a longer handle. This paddle offers a longer handle and size overall.

  • Honeycomb Core

Built for consistent speed using advanced polypropylene honeycomb technology. This paddle also reduces the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves, resulting in a smoother feel. For tennis players, less vibration gives them more control on a smaller surface

5. The Best Intermediate Pickleball Paddle

Signature Series Backcourt Pickleball

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What we love about the Backcourt Pickleball Paddle: 

  • Large Sweet Spot

Designed to accommodate all kinds of players with a large sweet spot for forgiving swings and different kinds of shots.

  • Durable and Ultra Padded

This paddle provides durability for continued use that holds up as you continue playing. It's also designed with thick padding to eliminate soreness as you grip it.

  • Comfortable Grip

If pickleball isn’t going to be a hobby, you don’t want a paddle that leaves you with soreness every time you use it. All around enjoyable texture and feel in your hand for continuous play. Note: an edge guard can prevent long-term wear, tear, and delaminating. 

  • Graphite Face

The material and design of a pickleball paddle are essential in how the paddle behaves, sounds, and reacts to the ball. Graphite pickleball paddles are quieter, durable, and designed for smooth hits.


The best pickleball paddles will depend on a few different factors. Take into account your level of ability and how much you want to play pickleball. Like any sport, you’ll need to practice to get better at making contact with the ball and improving your form.

The great thing about pickleball is it's easy to begin and doesn’t take much to get a game started. You can find pickleball courts in parks, outside of offices, YMCAs, and inside rec centers. A quick call to a pickleball Ambassador or representative will also tell you where the closest one is.

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