The 10 Best Pickleball Shoes on Amazon

The 10 Best Pickleball Shoes on Amazon

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This pair of sneakers is a low top shoe that you can use on the outdoor court. The sneakers use herringbone traction to create a consistent feeling for when you are playing. This means that you won't be sliding as much when you are able to play the game of pickleball. There are tons of sizing options that you can wear for people of differing heights. It starts at Men's size 7 and goes all the way to size 14. It's also a really cheap pair to start out with, only being at $39.99 which most people can afford.


The Adidas strutter is a great budget option if you want to use some of the technology that the company has to offer. Right now the company is known for how versatile the boost cushioning is, but Adidas also has several cushioning systems that have stood the test of time. Adiprene+ is one of their most iconic cushionings and it's made to last longer. It's won't be as soft or versatile as boost, but it will be able to last longer before you are forced to throw it away. This is a great technology for newcomers and people who want to get into the sport.


3. ASCICS GT-4000

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Ascics is known around the world for making some of the most supportive and comfortable sneakers in the world. The traction on this pair of sneakers was built to last and is made out of solid rubber. A lot of sneakers now use softer rubber to grip the floors of indoor courts. However, on an outdoor court, the coarse ground is going to allow the sneakers to grip to the court easier. On top of that, these sneakers are ones that you could wear with an outfit, or even after you finish playing.

4. NEW BALANCE 1006 V1

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This pair of sneakers has one of the best kinds of herringbone that you could ever use on a sneaker. Herringbone originated on Basketball sneakers so that players could keep their footing when running long distances on the court. It has really good support as well as durability. There are also holes to make sure that your feet can breathe. That means that there is also cushioning to make sure your moves are responsive as you play. There is much you can do in these sneakers other than Pickleball. It also looks really similar to other New Balance models.

5. ASCICS GEL Challenger 12

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The gum rubber sole allows this models to be used for a number of situations. You can use it inside if you have tournaments or competitions that happen to take place outside. There is also support on the midsole which makes some of the best security when protecting against injuries. It's a great pair of pickleball sneakers that are use to the intermediate and advanced levels of play that you can partake in. The ankle support is some of the best when it comes to this pair in particular, despite being a low top.

6. PYTHON Indoor Mid Pickleball Shoe

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The python Pickleball sneakers are some of the best a player in the sport could ask for. They are really comfortable, not just during play, but you can easily just wear them if you want to be casual about the activities you want to partake in. It has one of the best uppers for a pair of pickleball sneakers. It gives you a snug fit so that you don't feel like you are constantly sliding in the footbed. It offers some of the best support that you could ask for. The outsole is also really good if you want to play outdoors and have the shoes last for a long time.

7. HEAD GRID 2.0

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In these sneakers there are a lot of holes to make sure that there is constant airflow and not have the shoes smell bad. Having that gives you one of the best options when owning a pair of sneakers that you don't have to maintain that often. The Herringbone traction is something sticks really well to options that are outside and inside. It is a constant high choice that you can use regardless of what level you want to be at. The upper is also really good at staying in the shape you need it to be.


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This upper is one of the best that you could ask for when it comes to these shoes. It is very comfortable and also allows for a lot of airflow for when you are playing. This makes sure that a lot of the things that bother you during play, won't come up as much and creates one of the best pairs of Pickleball shoes on the market. The cushion is something that is special to this brand and separates itself from the competition really well.

9. ADIDAS Adizero Club

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Though originally made for tennis, these pair of sneakers can work just as well depending on what level of play you want to be at. It is one of the best options for outdoor courts because it is very comfortable. It also has support that has stood the test of time. The support is really good and gives you some of the best security to make sure you don't fall out of your shoes. That is a real concern for professional athletes and has created some of the worst injuries that you could imagine. This pair of shoes isn't new, but its fundamentals will last a lifetime.


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The new balance fresh foam Roav is the most comfortable pickleball sneaker you will wear. It has a lot of things that make it an exciting pair to play in. It uses a soft cushioning, while relying on hard rubber to be able to play outdoors. It creates the best of both worlds and leads to a great combination. The support is one of the high points for the pair. It is more expensive, but it's not bereft of the other features that you would desire when it comes to a budget model.

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