5 Best Portable Pickleball Nets on Amazon

5 Best Portable Pickleball Nets on Amazon

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Where did Pickleball start?

Pickleball is a tremendously popular sport around the world. First created in 1965, pickleball was created by two dads, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell. These two athletes wanted to give their families something fun to do to pass the time. While determining where to play, Pritchard had an old badminton court on his property that they began using. 

Joel and Bill couldn’t find enough rackets to play a full game and improvised with ping pong paddles and a Wiffle ball instead. With these bits and pieces lying around, a brand-new game was born, known today as pickleball. 

Does the Net Really Matter?

Talent and skill play a huge part in the success of a player while playing a sport. Proper equipment also plays a significant role in that success. If a basketball player has uncomfortable shoes that are too small, it will affect their ability to jump and run around the court. This remains true for pickleball equipment. 

If you want to enjoy playing or stay competitive, you need reliable equipment. Did you know that a properly installed pickleball net is actually two inches lower in the middle than at the ends? This is why it's easier at the net to clear cross-court shots than hitting it directly across.

it t might seem obvious that your shoes and paddle are the most important pieces of equipment when playing pickleball. However, what type of net you use can have a big impact on your success. In addition, reliable pickleball nets will last longer and help you continue to play as long as the net is taken care of. If you plan on playing pickleball in multiple locations or traveling with your equipment, opt for portable nets that aren't too heavy and can be easily carried.

The Best Portable Pickleball Net

When choosing the best pickleball nets for you, consider what kind of player you are and how you will be using the portable net. If you are planning on playing competitively, opt for a tournament-style net that will be durable and long-lasting. If you are planning on simply playing for fun with friends, the cost might be more of a factor. However, you will use your pickleball net, here are some of the best recommendations to make this choice simple and pain-free!

1. GoPlus 22ft Portable Pickleball Net

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  • Includes frame, padded feet, and carrying bag
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Bright neon green color for enhanced visibility
  • Indoor & Outdoor Play
  • Simple, compact design and carrying case
  • Regulation Size 22 feet wide, 36″ at sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net


2. Amazin Aces Pickleball Net

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  • High-quality design 
  • Easy set-up and take down
  • Portable & Lightweight net
  • Perfect for recreational or tournament play
  • Regulation Size 22 feet wide, 36″ at sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net


3. OnCourt OffCourt Deluxe Pickleball

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  • Features rolling wheels for maximum portability
  • Adjustable buckle net system and center strap to control net tension
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Durable & Made to Last
  • Regulation size 22 feet wide, 36″ at sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net


4. A11N All-Weather Pickleball Net

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  • High-quality design
  • Portable
  • Durable & designed for Long-term play
  • Made with sturdy net materials
  • Regulation size 22 feet wide, 36″ at sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net
  • Designed for Outdoor Use


5. 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net

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  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Easy to Assemble and take down
  • Powder metal frame & sturdy net materials 
  • Stable legs with bend design for outdoor weather conditions
  • Regulation Size net 22 feet wide, 36″ at sidelines, and 34″ at the center of the net

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard dimensions of a portable pickleball net system?

According to the official USAPA tournament rule book, the standard regulation height for a pickleball net is 36 inches high (or 91.44 centimeters) at each end of the net. In the center, the net should measure 34 inches high (86.36 centimeters). 

Can I use a tennis net in place of a pickleball net?

Although a tennis net is quite similar to a pickleball net, tennis nets aren’t quite the same height. This is because the original game of pickleball was created with a badminton net. With some modification, you can get away with using a tennis net, but it is recommended to use an official pickleball net to fully enjoy the game.

Are portable pickleball nets made for indoor or outdoor use?

Both! There are pickleball nets that can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Many pickleball nets will specify where you can use the net and where it is designed to stay. A portable net will be lightweight and can often feature wheels for added mobility.

How expensive is a pickleball net?

Depending on how durable and high quality the net is, prices can range. If you want something you can use to compete with and play in tournaments, you might be looking at a net that is more durable and expensive but will last longer. 
These types of nets will start around $75-100. Cheaper nets that are made to be used for beginners or light use will range from $30-$70. The lower price will make it more affordable to purchase but it won’t be as long-lasting.

Pickleball is a fun way to exercise and compete with your friends and family. Many people love pickleball because it is easy to play and doesn’t cost too much to get started. If you’re unsure which type of net you need, first ask yourself how often you want to play pickleball. 

If you are going to be playing fairly often, you might want to look for a sturdy and reliable portable net system that will last longer. If you are playing casually and infrequently, something inexpensive might be the determining factor. Whichever net you decide to purchase, have fun with it!

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