The ultimate doubles strategy in 7 simple steps.

The ultimate doubles strategy in 7 simple steps.

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What could be better than playing pickleball with your favorite people? The obvious answer would be
playing pickleball alongside your beloved folks as their teammate. Competing with a partner turns the
pressure down on how well you strike the pickleball or how fast your legs can move. The weight lies in the
player’s keen understanding of the game and excellent teamwork for them to carry out the finest pickleball
doubles strategy.

The Case for Playing Doubles

Searching for the right partner for doubles pickleball does not necessarily mean that you pick the best singles
player. Strive to land a partner who plays at the same level as you or even better, someone at a higher level
who will complement or advance your game. Bear in mind that unlike in singles play where you have to
cover all of the zones in the court, you have someone on the same side of the net lending you a hand to make
your team a success.

With solid and constant communication, it would be nearly impossible to overcome a team that knows how
to play doubles flawlessly even if both players lack powerful groundstrokes and advanced hitting techniques.
And though most players still prefer to go solo, their singles game gets these boosts when they mash it up
with pickleball’s team format.

Enhances Decision-Making Skills

With more players on the court, there is no doubt that doubles pickleball is a speedy game. Both players will
have to make quick decisions on how they can put pressure on their rivals, building up the skill of making
choices in a snap which can be crucial to winning in individual play.

Better Shot Accuracy

In doubles, four players share a small playing field which means that there are fewer open spots that players
can attack. Powerful strokes still work as they can force opponents to commit mistakes but clear-cut hits are
what’s called for in these dire pickleball situations. Also, sending the wiffle with laser-light accuracy to the
opposing team sharpens your hits which can benefit your singles game even without using too much arm

Strategize Better

Much like in other team sports, communicating with teammates is extremely important in doubles pickleball.
Players often use gestures to talk and plan for the next action, allowing them to recognize the various
possibilities of winning a game through their partner’s perspective. This not only broadens their
understanding of the many pickleball strategies, but it also provides a solid offensive approach before the
start of each point.

Perks Up Your Net Game

In team play, players learn the importance of good court positioning to increase their chances of winning
points. Despite powerful baseline shots being the weapon of choice for most pickleball players, developing a
highly-effective net game can be a useful tool to have in your arsenal once you play as an individual as it
gives you the option to play the long ball or use precision volleys to confuse and overwhelm an opponent.
Playing singles may be more appealing, but doubles pickleball provides benefits that can only be gained
when competing with a friend. Players who are looking to extensively polish their individual performance
should consider engaging team play as it creates an opportunity for growth and improvement as a pickleball

7 Basic Pickleball Doubles Strategies

No question, pickleball is a fun game. But while it’s a joy to send smiles across your opponents, the goal is
to remain competitive and to win. Doing so would require more than just an adrenaline rush and a proper
hitting technique since in this game, a sound strategy will help you go a long way.
Here are a few pickleball doubles strategies that may help your pair gain the win each time:

1. Hug The Net

After each return, follow the ball until the non-volley line to gain an outright advantage in position. Winning
rallies are a lot easier when you are as close to the net as legally possible since you are located at a spot
where you’ve got the entire court covered, eliminating the risk of losing a point due to a dink.

2. Learn How To “Drop Shot”

If for some reason you fail to get to the non-volley line, a drop shot can help get you there in no time to
counter your opponent’s previous advantage. Often executed by the serving team after the initial return, this
soft and slow hit intended to drop in front of the opposing side’s net highlights the importance of holding a
good spot in winning points.

3. Back Your Opponents Up

Getting to the non-volley line before your opponents give you a distinct edge and you must try to keep them
pinned back as much as you can. Hit shots that force them to stay deep in their court to negate their chances
of putting up any offensive attacks.

4. Aim For Your Opponent’s Feet

No matter how much you love your opponent’s sneakers, sending the ball towards their feet will throw them
off their own pickleball doubles strategy. With no intention to hurt, sending a ball hurtling towards their
kicks makes it more difficult for them to square their bodies for a good return, often popping the pickleball up
for your convenience.

5. Serve And Hit Deep

Just like you, your opponent’s number one goal is to get to the non-valley line. Maintain control of the game
by sending the ball deep with every serve and hit to prevent them from making it all the way up to the line.

6. Identify A Designated Middle Man

Apart from sending the pickleball towards your shoes, another frequently used strategy is to serve the ball down
the middle. It is aimed at confusing the players on the opposite side of who should be the one to go after it.
While hollering “mine” or “yours” still works, it is much better to decide before the game starts who will
take the middle shots, removing such questions off the table. Or field. Or court.

7. Move As One

To achieve pickleball doubles success, you and your teammate should always move together. Making
excuses and exceptions opens your side of the court to spots where your opponents can effortlessly dump the
ball for the finish.

Still, communicating with your partner is the best strategy in doubles pickleball. Add a substantial amount of
patience and your team will be formidable. Cover your spots, move as one, and pick the right moment to
launch your strongest attack and you’ll be well on your way to becoming pickleball’s dynamic duo.


Pickleball is known to be a sport that is defined by the community and camaraderie among its enthusiasts.
Socializing with the players on the other side of the net can be rewarding but sharing your side of the court
with another as you unleash the finest pickleball doubles strategy is a whole different monster.

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