How to have a good pickleball swing

How to have a good pickleball swing

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Get a good grip

Learn how to properly grip your paddle is one of the most important tip for becoming a better player. You need to learn what it the most comfortable position for you to put your hands. The more space that you have, the most consistent your swings are going to be. There are going to be different paddles of varying weights and sizes. That's why you need to test different paddles that are going to work for you. If you are playing the game on the daily it's going to fall apart little by little. You can't keep on using the same one for years and years.

The grip should be tight, but you should choose one that's easy for you to hold onto. Finding that balance is what makes a good swing is what will turn you into one of the top players. If the paddle is too comfortable, then it's impossible to have a good grip. It won't be second nature for you to get your swings as a player. You'll be slowed down by your racket and you'll get beaten and the higher levels of play. This is something in the basics that you have to master.


  • Hold the paddle better
  • Have more control of your swings


  • Potentially hurt your hands by gripping too hard

Tone your arms

Making sure that there isn't as much flab in your arms will objectively make your swing better. Unlike your belly, it doesn't take nearly as much effort to get rid of fat in your arms. You don't need to to have massive arms to be bale to perform well in the game, what you do need to make sure there is some muscle so that your reactions are more consistent. This strategy is applied to just about every major sport. Even in Soccer, all professional players have toned arms so that their movements are more consistent.

Having flabby arms is fine if you just want to play casually, but when you want to play better players, you are going to need better reactions and swings that are more reliable. When you don't have toned arms, you can still hit very hard, it just means that there's less of chance that you can do it consistently. All you really need to accomplish this are some dumbbells and a protein based diet, so that your body has the energy to feed your muscles.


  • Have a shot that you can hit easily
  • Have a bigger advantage over opponents who don't have toned arms


  • Requires a lot of protein
  • Requires consistent training that will cost you a lot of time and soreness

Follow through

Following through on your swing is one of the most basic thing you can do in any sport, but it's an important fundamental that any athlete should pay attention to. Doing this will may you a more consistent player. In your mind, you probably only thing the hit itself matters because that's the only the ball is going to hit the paddle that you're using. Following through is more about practice so you can get a shot that you can rely on.

Being able to do this at a high level needs to be second nature for you to become good at the game. Fortunately, this isn't something that you need a partner for to get good at. You can easily just do this in your local tennis court against the wall and hit it where you want the ball to go. A follow through isn't something you should have to rush either. Make sure you have a consistent one first, then you can worry about perfecting it later.


  • Hit better shots


  • Take more time hitting the shots

Do drills

Drills are good for just about any sport that you want to improve in. In a sport like Basketball, player will run a lot of suicides and dribble drills to improve. This happens even at the highest level of play. In the long term, this is everyone's goal. You don't need to have the best shot or be the fastest player, but your teammates have to rely on you for the skills they've come to know you for. Drills are often best run with someone you know, so that you can focus on perfecting your skills at these games.

It doesn't always have to be something singing related. There are machines that you can use for those, but it's not the only thing that you should work on. Another thing that you can work on is too make sure that you can focus on agility to have endurance that make you play longer. Doing this everyday is guaranteed to improve your skills.


  • Makes you a better player
  • Gets you faster reaction speeds
  • Gets you a better shot


  • Takes many days of doing it consistently to really see progress.

Capitalize on your opponents mistakes

In any sport, the winner is decided when you can take advantage of your opponent's mistakes. When your opponent is playing bad, you need to be able to recognize the best course of action when you see an

opportunity. You have to be absolutely ruthless if you want to win. If you are too soft, the opponent will see that and make more of an effort to win. Even if you're friends with you opponent, you should be very harsh when it comes to playing.

The more you play, the more you recognize bad swings that let you take advantage. There is no shortcut to be able to recognize this. You will only see it when you play many games and holding the paddle will become second nature. It's something you should study on and if you have a coach, they'll be better at explaining how to punish your opponent in better detail.


  • Know how to find better solutions at winning
  • Not have to think as much when it comes to decision making
  • Be a better Pickleball player


  • Requires many years of play to truly get good at the hits you need to do

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