Learn how to Play Pickleball in 2 minutes.

Learn how to Play Pickleball in 2 minutes.

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  • Pickleball is paddle sport similar to tennis played on a badminton-sized court
  • Pickleball is played with paddles, like ping-pong and a plastic perforated ball, similar to a whiffle ball
  • Games are played by 2 to 4 people in either singles or doubles like tennis


  • Points can only be scored by the serving team and games go to 11 by 1s
  • The game starts at 0-0-2 the last number indicating the server


  • Serves must be underhand and below the navel
  • Serves must clear the net, land in the rectangle opposite the server and past the kitchen to be valid
  • Lines are inbounds with the exception of the kitchen line on the serve

Two-Bounce Rule

  • The pickleball must bounce once on the receiving team’s side before they can return it
  • It also has to bounce once on the serving team’s side before they can hit it
  • If it bounces more than once it’s dead

The Kitchen Rule

  • The kitchen is the center rectangle on both sides of the net
  • Players must wait for the Pickleball to bounce in the kitchen before they can enter it
  • If a player steps in the kitchen accidentally they forfeit the point


  • Each player gets to serve until their team loses a rally
  • When the server’s team scores they switch sides with their teammate and serve to the opposite side of the court
  • If they lose a rally, then their teammate serves.
  • Once both players have lost a rally the opposing team gets to serve

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