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William Dunn
Great paddle and a great value.

Solid paddle at a great price. Good power and very good control. the grip is excellent, it is well padded with rib and does not slip even during extended play.

Paige Ainley
A really good beginning paddle!

I’ve been playing pickleball for about a year now. I have some generic paddles, but then I bought a really nice paddle to try to see if it made a difference! When I saw this paddle, I thought this would be the best paddle to complete my set. After trying it out I can say that it is a pretty good paddle for beginners. It’s sturdy, and allows me to spin the ball when needed. However I did find that the paddle hits a bit hollow. I found myself gravitating back towards my older paddle, but only because it is a paddle for more advanced players. If I was a new pickleball player, I would be satisfied with this paddle.

Good racquet for the price

Racquet seem to be well constructed. A bit heavier and larger grip than I would like. The grip is very nice, with a nice tackiness that should help to hold the racquet. Recommend for beginners or as a backup racquet for experienced players.

Brian Kluth
Great quality and value - can't wait to play!

Great value! Love the feel of this paddle. So many of our friends play pickleball and we want to start getting in on the action. So, we bought 2 of these and like the feel, weight, quality and glad for the cover. Can't wait to play!

Sturdy and Quality

Product has a pretty good grip. Surface is smooth like glass. While it's still new, feels like it was constructed well and it should last for a long time