7 Best pickleball caddy's on Amazon

7 Best pickleball caddy's on Amazon

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While pickleball gets played with minimal equipment on the court, such as a Backcourt Pickleball paddle and ball, additional pickleball equipment can make playing the game more enjoyable. 

For example, think about if you no longer have to bend over to pick up the balls across the court. Well, an easier pick up is possible when you have a pickleball caddy!

What is a Pickleball Caddy?

Like a tennis caddy or other sports caddy, a pickleball caddy – sometimes referred to as a hopper – is a tool that can provide an easier pickup and convenience when holding a large number of balls on or off the court. 

While there are different details to each hopper, a pickleball caddy is generally a basket with flexible bars or rolling bars to prevent balls spill across the court and to pick up balls.

This piece of equipment comes in handy to save players more time during pickleball. After all, the more time you spend on the court serving instead of gathering balls, the more likely you will get better at playing the game. And it doesn't matter if you're an advanced pickleball player or play pickleball as a hobby; a pickleball caddy helps any player when it comes to ball collection!

Pickleball Caddy Breakdown

Purchasing a pickleball caddy is straightforward as each brand and caddy serves relatively the same function, especially to pick up balls easily, there are many options available with different features that can make selecting a caddy a process.

Before you invest in easier pickup and ball transportation, it can be helpful to review the different types of hoppers available. That way, you can focus on the game instead of collecting balls one by one.

Seven of the Best Pickleball Caddies on Amazon

It's easy to go on a website and search for a pickleball caddy. But don't you want the best deals on price or features? If you do, look no further than Amazon. 

And so you don't have to spend time searching through the Amazon website, we've collected seven of the best pickleball caddies on Amazon to help you choose your caddy so it can ship and deliver quickly as soon as you sign in to the website to purchase.

1. Tourna Deluxe Pickleball Caddy

If you play pickleball indoor and outdoor, the Tourna Deluxe Pickleball Caddy may be for you. This wheeled caddy picks up both indoor and outdoor pickleballs of all sizes and has wheels to help any player comfortably pull the caddy when collecting balls. There's also a lock system that enables the handles to lock, so no more legs will fly from underneath the basket, spilling balls.

2. Picklehopper 60 – Pickleball Basket

The Picklehopper 60 gets its name from holding and picking up 60 balls. Not only can it hold many balls for your game, but the hopper has EZ glide bars and easy sliding bars for easier pick up of all types of balls and to help decrease the chance of the basket spilling balls.

3. Tourna Mini Ballport Hopper 

This mini tourna pickleball hopper is perfect for a beginner or someone that wants to play a quick game! As well as children that play pickleball. It is versatile to hold tennis palls or pickleballs. There are two sliding bars at the top to provide a quick closure. And though the word mini is in its name, it still can hold around 35 balls and stands at 29.5 inches!

4. Gamma Pickleball Ball Hopper Caddy 

If you feel more comfortable with a wired caddy, which is great for either indoor or outdoor use, this caddy has carbon steel wires that work well against weather, rust, and corrosion. The slim wireframe makes for an easy up and down position while still holding plenty of pickleballs.

5. OnCourt OffCourt Handy Hopper 

While many people prefer a wheeled caddy or one where they can quickly shut sliding bars, there's also the realm of other hoppers. These other hoppers include fastening around the waist, which comes in hand when you need a ball right at the moment – talk about some effortless reach access!

6. Tourna Pickleball Pickup Tube 

As we mentioned, a caddy with wheels can help players comfortably pull and transport the balls. But did you know there are also pickup tubes? A pickup tube for pickleball makes for no more legs with caddies, messing with up and down position, or bending to pick up the pickleball. 

7. Collectible Hopper Ball Collector and Feeder 

If you're looking for a ball collector and feeder all in one, this Kollectaball hopper can fit up to 35 pickleball and instantly can be flipped to be used as a feeder. While there are no sliding bars, there are five adjustable height settings and the option to purchase more cages to delay collection.

Four Features to Consider

What's great about these seven pickleball caddies is that they each have features for player preference. Many which have reviews on the Amazon website or Youtube videos to better help you make a selection.

1. Size

For example, the size of a hopper can range from mini to large – whether you have a lot of balls or only own a few and feel like staying that way, you can select a hopper based on a capacity that you need and can easily transport.

2. Weight

While a caddy is meant to make transportation of balls easier, the caddy will weigh some. When you add balls into the caddy, the weight can easily add up, so make sure to consider how much you can carry and the material the caddy is created with. 

Tip: A caddy with wheels can make for easy transport.

3. Height

Image courtesy: Tourna Store via Amazon 

A caddy allows you to no longer bend over and pick up the scattered balls. However, you also don't want to bend over when you grab a ball to serve. Investing in a hopper with adjustable handles can help avoid bending or crouching as much as possible.

4. Legs

A basket with legs may be less durable due to the design. However, a caddy that can create legs is handy when raising the caddy off the ground to feed or grab balls when serving. Also, consider whether or not there is a lid, which can help avoid ball spills.

Which Is Your Caddy?

If you've played pickleball for a while or are just starting, then you may already be aware of how convenient it is to have a caddy to pick up balls easily. So, which is your caddy?

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