7 Funny pickleball t-shirts for the addict in your life.

7 Funny pickleball t-shirts for the addict in your life.

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If you play pickleball, you know that the clothing worn during pickleball needs to be comfortable and appropriate for the weather and amount of movement. If you don't play pickleball but are wondering about what players wear—then you've come to the right page.

Pickleball Clothing

Serious players with better experience might play pickleball in unique apparel. Still, if you're going to the pickleball court for a quick game or practice, then your pickleball clothing won't matter that much. Often, t-shirts are a great way to go.

In the game of pickleball, clothing and accessories add to the fun. Check out these funny pickleball shirts for the pickleball player in your life, things to consider when selecting pickleball t-shirts, and how to find more pickleball-themed t-shirts!

Considerations for Selecting a Pickleball Shirt


As mentioned, the weather will vary where you live and can impact what you wear to play the game. Luckily, a pickleball shirt can get made out of a variety of fabrics. Though, cotton is a popular fabric to play the sport in.


Comfort brings us to the point of the fabric of t-shirts. Cotton is popular as it will absorb sweat, allowing the skin to breathe comfortably. This fabric keeps the pickleball player cool and focused on the game. Dry fit material is also available and can be helpful when sweating a lot.


The style of the shirt should also be taken into consideration. Shirt features, like slim fit, long or short, sleeveless, can help narrow down the search. For example, a round neck t-shirt is most common to sport during pickleball to stay covered when playing. But some players, like ladies, prefer a v neck for a more flattering appearance or breathable outfit.

Pickleball Shirts

Out of the massive variety of shirts to select, there's a t-shirt style for everyone that will grab attention on or off the pickleball court. To make it easier to view and purchase funny pickleball shirts, skip to the appropriate section of shirts for men and shirts for women.

Short-Sleeve Pickleball T-shirts for Men

For men, t-shirts are pretty easy to select and search for. Typically, it only comes down to finding a style of t-shirt that they like best. Luckily, t-shirts are abundant online! For example, are they into pickleball humor? If so, then this funny cotton pickleball shirt on Etsy might be a good option to purchase.

How about a t-shirt for during or after the game, for when players grab a drink or eat? Depending on game time, players may not get the chance to change their shirt, so something plain but still funny with style to play in maybe better.

Or if you've been looking for a t-shirt for the person that plays too much pickleball that they can't keep up or care about anything else, check out this shirt available on Amazon.

Long Sleeve Pickleball T-shirts for Men

If you're looking for a long sleeve shirt for a pickleball game in the winter, or because long sleeves are comfortable, check out this humorous long sleeve shirt on Redbubble, a site for independent artists.

Short-Sleeve Pickleball T-shirts for Women

Similar to tennis attire, women tend to opt for a slim t-shirt style. This helps them play pickleball more agile and comfortably, and let's be honest, fashionably.

For women, t-shirts with colors that are subtle are always a great way to go. Check out this subtle and clever ladies' pickleball shirt here.

Instead of a short sleeve t-shirt, tank tops are also great for women playing or watching pickleball. Here's a pickleball tank top with some humor available on Etsy if you're on the sideline rooting for a specific player.

Long Sleeve Pickleball T-shirts for Women

To wrap up the selection of funny pickleball shirts, this pickleball squad long sleeve on Redbubble is a winner.

How to Find More Pickleball Shirts

The hunt for shirts online can range from quick and easy to complex when you search "pickleball shirts." If you have a specific print or shirt in mind, this may be frustrating.

Here are some simple but effective tips on how to find more pickleball t-shirts!

Individual Pickleball Shirts

For an individual, narrowing down the shirt search can get you a long way to finding the perfect one to order or gift. Searching by shirt features, like color or style, can help make a quick purchase. Luckily, sites like Etsy or Amazon allow customers to filter searches for a better experience.

Team Pickleball Shirts

Pickleball can be played individually against other players, or you may be a part of a pickleball team. If so, the idea of getting team shirts might have come to mind. If there is no local company near you to order shirts in bulk, websites online will print and ship shirts with your design!

Considerations For Ordering Shirts

Popular sellers that can cover a large or small order are Etsy, Zazzle, Cafe Press, Custom Ink, or Redbubble, which features many independent artists. But remember, each site that you order t-shirts from has its pros and cons.

A site like Amazon has fast shipping. Independent artists on Etsy or Zazzle have shipping times that may vary. If you're in a rush to gift a shirt to someone, double-check the details!

Pickleball Equipment

If you are sporting incredible apparel, you might also sport some great equipment on the pickleball court, like a premium paddle that all players can use, from beginners, competitive players, and even tournament champions.

Pack Up for Pickleball

Now that you've got some direction for pickleball apparel, and a chance to purchase new accessories, you can walk on the pickle court in style, making you automatically the most loved player in the game.

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